Bacon Green Beans

These bacon green beans are super easy to make and a perfect side dish for any season…. especially summer.

This recipe is for 4 servings.

What you will need:

Green Beans.  When I make a side, I usually depend that each person will take 6-10 pieces.

2 Garlic cloves, crushed

1/2 pound a bacon, sliced into nice squares

1 tsp kosher salt

fresh ground pepper

1 TBS margarine

Heres what you do…. Grab a non-stick pan.  If the bacon has yet to be cooked, than put the bacon in the pan on med heat.  Cook until it is only half-way done.  The beans will cook with the bacon for the remainder, so that way it sucks up some yummy juices :).

Bacon Green BeansWhilst the bacon is cooking, start chopping the ends of the beans.  This is simple, just line them up and take off the very ends of each side.

Bacon Green Beans


Drain some of the bacon grease out of the pan.  Then, put the beans into the pan.  Turning the heat down a bit tow low-medium, also add in the margarine and garlic cloves.  Slowly cook until the beans start to want to split down the side (like a hot dog does when it’s cooked).  That’s how you know they’re done.  **Don’t over cook them and let them open the split.

Bacon Green BeansOnce they’re done, sprinkle them with the kosher salt and pepper.  Place on your serving plate or dinner plates and you’re done!  A side that your guests will be ‘wow’ed over.

Bacon Green Beans - The Amazing Mommy


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