Easy Quesadilla

I believe that everything else costs so much for your family (swimming, classes, nights out, etc) so why not be a bit more frugal on the grocery shopping to help out.  Many people will have chicken for dinner, and have left overs, and not know what to do with them.  My kids love quesadillas, and they’re super easy to do for a quick light lunch that gets you full fast, that is perfect for any day.

So, take your freshly cooked chicken or left overs, and cut them up into little pieces.  Note: I made 3 large quesadilla’s from 1 full chicken breast.  Easy QuesadillaNext, grate up some cheese and dice up onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, pickled hot peppers, etc.  Whatever you want in it.  I will get into some delicious different types another time.  This is just a great introduction, and simple for little kids.

Easy QuesadillaTake a non-stick pan and warm it up on a low-medium.  No need to add butter to the pan, as the tortilla wrap will brown itself nicely, should you cook it low and keep an eye on it.  Put the tortilla wrap ( I used the large ones) on the pan to warm up.  Place your grated cheese all over the wrap, and the chicken and vegetables only on one side.  The cheese on each side will create it to melt the sides together to keep it in tact.

Easy QuesadillaLightly fold the one side on top of the other.  Don’t worry about getting all the cheese to melt, that will come soon.

Easy Quesadilla Easy QuesadillaWith your spatula, press on top to squish it together.  Than flip it gently and do it to the other side, and wait for it to brown lightly, for more of a soft quesadilla, and darker for a crunchy one.

Easy Quesadilla Easy QuesadillaSlice up, serve with some salsa and you’ve got a light lunch!  And you’re using up the left over chicken breast or chicken pieces you would have thrown out.


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