House Herbs

Most of you are or have already started doing your summer yard harvesting.  I have and I have to say, it made me a bit sad to see my plants go.  But I refuse to go months with having fresh herbs at my disposal and get it taken away.  So, here is how easily I made my garden herbs, into my house herbs.

Your plants have already blossomed, and so I took whatever I could with roots (if it was a perennial, I only took half of my roots) and moistened them with roots.  In my recycling, I had some old cans from soups and such.  I thoroughly washed out the cans and painted them with some acrylic paint I had.  I “shabby-ed” it up a bit by scratching some paint off.  I then took a bit of soil and placed it in the can, and carefully placed my plant with roots in the can.  Topped it off and found a lovely window sill for it to stay and enjoy and keep producing me more herbs all year round!  See, easy-beasy.  Household herbs

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