“Trick or Treat!” Buckets

These are so easy to make, and your kids will love to be able to make their own buckets.  Bonus, it can be used year after year.

My girls LOVE Halloween.  And so to make a Halloween bucket that is just of their own, that is original like them and has that rustic feel, people will go Ga-Ga wondering where they got them.

I started off by collecting a few old coffee tins I had.  These are just Costco tins. This will work great with any cans, even empty baby formula.  I simply removed the label and primed the cans.  Priming is important, cause it will help cover up any old label, and create a grid so whatever paint you choose, it will adhere better.

"Trick or Treat!" Buckets"Trick or Treat!" BucketsAs per paint, if you want to use oil, that will stay better.  I chose acrylic, as my daughters were painting, and acrylic is a waterbased paint which in the end will come off their clothing and my furniture a whole lot easier than oil.  Also, if it “shabby’s” up a bit, it will still look good with that rustic feel.

My oldest daughter painting hers.

My oldest daughter painting hers.

My youngest painting over my doings.

My youngest painting over my doings.

I let the first coat dry, than did an extra one.  Next, whatever design you would like to put on your buckets, (pumpkin, spider, witch, monster, dracula, etc) than draw it out first with a pencil than go over it with your felts or paint, cause once you start with permanent there is no easy erasing.  Here is a tip: If you are filling anything in with a different colour, like eyes, paint the fill first THAN the outline.  It looks cleaner that way."Trick or Treat!" BucketsDrill a hole in each side.  Be sure not to drill too big of a hole!  Than choose your handle.  It could be easy wire you have, or my daughters chose Halloween themed ribbon.  Next, seal it.  A sealer can come in a can or paint and its great to have on hand for most kids crafts.

"Trick or Treat!" BucketsLet them dry before passing them to the kids to play with.  And they’re ready to go Trick or Treating.  With their cuteness, who wouldn’t give them two hand-fulls each time?!

Proud of her bucket

Shes got messy hair today.

Love Her!

All ready to go!

I would love to see pictures of your buckets!  Send them over 🙂  Don’t forget to share my link with your friends 🙂

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