Blow-out Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are so much fun to do, especially with the kiddos.  I have been asked a lot lately, “Do you use real eggs?”  “Do you boil them” “Aren’t you worried they will break if the kids do them?” “Wont the egg stink after a few days?”  Well, Yes I use real eggs.  No I do not boil them.  I blow them out, and clean them.  Which will ensure the eggs will not stink.  And oddly, will not make the eggs break as easily if dropped, as there is less weight in there when they are empty.

So here it is, the next question.  What is ‘blow-out eggs?’  Basically, you poke a hole on both ends of the egg and with your mouth and strength, you blow out the insides whilst keeping the shell intact.

I have a lot of pictures, so I hope it will be explanatory after this.  First grab your eggs and your dye kit.  We got a Monster kit this year.  My girls love monsters.  Prepare your dye.  Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing MommyTip: to keep the dye strong on your eggs and a bit more vibrant, put the dye fizz into 1.5tsp white vinegar.  Automatically you will hear the fizzing.  Stir a bit, then add the water in.

I used medium eggs, because they are just for making eggs, and the smaller eggs sit nicely on our Egg Tree.

Heres what you will need:

– a bowl of water

– an empty bowl to blow the egg into

– paper towel

– push pin

– dye kit

– pipe cleaners

Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy

Take your egg.  Whilst holding it firmly take your push pin at the top of your egg and push your pin in.  Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing MommyYour egg should not crack under the pressure if you start with the pin touching the egg, than pushing hard.  If you stab your egg, it will crack.  Push your pin in and increase your hole size by tapping it with the pin, and scraping the edge.  Turn it around and repeat the same to the other side.  Hold onto the egg and from the hole pointing to the ground over top of the bowl, use your pin to “stab” the insides delicately to break up the yoke.  Shake the egg a few time whilst covering one or both holes.  Than place your mouth on the top hole and blow the yoke out.  If it gets a bit tough and its hard to get out, shake it up a bit more.  Still a bit too hard?  Your hole may be too small.  I have a picture below that shows how big it should be.Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy

Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing MommyBlow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing MommyNext, place your egg into the bowl with the water.  Let it soak some water in, shake it and blow out the water.  This is the cleaning stage.  From there, dye and decorate your eggs.  After that, when it’s all dry, you can take a pipe cleaner and I like to stab it through both ends.  You can make a spiral with the pipe cleaners and spin it inside to hold it, but my little ones sometimes pull on the eggs, so I don’t think it would hold up.  I DO put the pipe cleaner right through and make a turn with it to hold it up and bend it to make a hook.  Then it is ready for our tree.  🙂  I hope this helps you, and opens your family up to more decorating 🙂  Happy Easter.Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy Blow-Out Easter Eggs - The Amazing Mommy

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