Alphabet Fruit

Watermelon is still around for the little remainder of summer that we have. And so I took some of my alphabet cookie cutters and decided to make my daughters a cute breakfast. I took the watermelon and sliced it 1/2″-3/4″ thick.

Alphabet FruitAlphabet Fruit
Then I used the cookie cutters and punched out their name. I took some nectarines, and did the same thing and cut out some hearts. Added some grapes and toast, VOILA! A lovely breakfast with their names on it.
Kyla, 4, was so impressed, she told me “She absolutely LOVED the breakfast.” And it was “SO Sweet of my to do that for her.”
Alphabet FruitAlphabet Fruit

It was hard getting Kyla’s name all on the small plates, My challenge was Jensen, my 2 year old. Now I love her name, it is as beautiful and unique as she is. But any chance I get to blame my husband for something, I will take it. “That’s it! It’s too long to fit on the plate.” Nope, I did it!

Alphabet FruitAlphabet Fruit
Lastly, we made something for Daddy. What a lovely birthday, fathers day, special day idea for someone.Alphabet FruitAlphabet Fruit

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