Rustic Book Pumpkin

Rustic Book PumpkinWith trial and error I have created a beautiful decoration piece to go with my Fall House Decor.

What you will need:

What I did is went to a garage sale and picked up a few thick books for $0.25/ea.  For a good pumpkin, I used two books.Rustic Book Pumpkin

I also collected a stick I found on the ground.  A nice thick one with bends in it.  Rustic Book Pumpkin



Tea bag(s) with some hot water

Hot glue gun

Piece of ribbon

First take your book and rip of the cover.  Mark the pattern you will want to use for your pumpkin.  Quite like a half-circle.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a pumpkin and rustic.  Take your scissors and piece by piece, cut your pattern out.  This will take a while, but it’s worth it.  Take a few breaks, this may hurt your hand a bit.  Haha.  I know my hand was getting stiff after a while.Rustic Book Pumpkin Once you have got the feeling back in your hand curve your two books and form them.  You really want to “work in” the book binding to make it curve naturally.  With your tea bag, start to soak it in a bit of water.  Turn your hot glue gun on and glue the books together with the stick in the middle.  What I did, is I kept pouring hot glue into the middle hole in the bottom to fill it in and keep it stable.  Make sure to also hot glue the two ends of the books together.  Just go nuts with that glue gun.  Let dry.  Take your tea bag and start colouring the edges of your book with the tea bags.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  Let dry again.  start airing your book pages to separate them and make it a beautiful circle.  Add your ribbon and you are done.  Beautiful!  When you put away for the season, try to place in a box so it doesn’t get squished.  It is a book after all.  Rustic Book PumpkinRustic Book PumpkinRustic Book Pumpkin Rustic Book PumpkinRustic Book Pumpkin Rustic Book Pumpkin Rustic Book Pumpkin Rustic Book Pumpkin Rustic Book Pumpkin

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